Why get a coffee maker?

It's a good question - why bother? More worthless junk to clutter your life and your kitchen? What's the point when you're quite happy with a french press, cafetiere or just a jug and a filter?

The point is that there are plenty of coffee makers on the market that simply are not up to scratch. Cheap junk to give as Christmas presents to people you can't think of anything else to give. Leaky machines with no pressure, confusing wheels and dials and a truely disappointing cup after all that effort. You could be forgiven for thinking coffee makers are truely pointless machines - until you try a cup from a serious coffee maker.

Whether its at a friends house, at work or even in a cafe, a real cup of coffee from a real, no messing about coffee maker is something special indeed. Imagine if you could have that quality, that excellent taste and aroma at home, on call, at the push of a button or the flick of a switch?

That, my friend, is what coffee makers are all about. Sure, it may be an extra twenty or thirty quid (and sometimes a lot more) to move from mere mediocrity, roadside cafe cups of coffee to the real deal - but if you think of the savings you make of your precious time and money, the extra boost you get where your morning cup of coffee will keep you satisfied all day without having to pop down the cafe at ten for a pick me up, and the money you save in the long term it is a small price to pay.